Heart & Soul Homeschool Mama E-Book


Are you a heart and soul homeschool mama, or do you want to be one? Does homeschooling seem complicated sometimes? Are you blundering through your days looking for direction? Do you feel like a top which needs to quit spinning? Round and round you go, but nothing really happens. As a busy wife, mother of six, and work-at-home mom, Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, knows what it”s like to perform the great balancing act of managing home and school (and a business, too!).

If she sat down with you at your kitchen table, Gena would tell you:

“So how do I do it all? I don’t. In the interest of being transparent (and keeping it all honest), I”ll admit it. I fail at keeping it all together. Epic failure. At any given time, you will find dirty dishes on my kitchen counters (what counters?). . . . You know what? We”re balanced where it counts. There it is. We love the Lord, we have our kids at home where they belong . . . the rest will come later when the two babies get bigger. Until then, I”ll kick the dust bunnies back under the couches where they go and we”ll mop the hardwood floors another day. Well, then. Don”t do it all” just do the important things with gusto.”

If your busy household keeps you hopping, you’ll want to read Gena’s latest E-Book, Heart and Soul Homeschool Mama . . . Becoming an Uncomplicated Homeschooler.

You’ll laugh (and maybe cry) as Gena shares what homeschooling is like at her house. Discover how lots of blood, sweat, prayers, and tears are making her the homeschool mama God wants her to be and Gena is quick to say that He’s not finished with her yet. If you’re struggling with homeschooling, as you read Gena’s message, you’ll be reassured to know that the Lord is always ready to help you with all of your homeschool questions (and all your questions about husbands, housekeeping, quarreling siblings, or any of those other problems in your life) via His Word, the Bible.

Your homeschool doesn’t have to be convoluted, confused, and tangled up, nor do you have to muddle through the season of homeschooling you are in. Gena believes homeschooling can be orderly, lovely, light, and fun. Rewarding, fulfilling, blessed. Drop the extra junk even if it means the house doesn’t stay as clean as it used to. Shrug off the daily stresses that come from those ”spelling words tantrums” or the messy bedroom you expected cleaned up three hours ago. . . . Stop and read God’s Word, pray, and lean on Him for direction.”

Chapters come from past writings; you may recognize some or all of them!

Start anew today and learn how you can become a heart and soul homeschool mama with Gena’s new E-Book, Heart and Soul Homeschool Mama . . . Becoming an Uncomplicated Homeschooler.