Inexpensive Organization E-Book

tosinexpensiveorganizationcDo you want to organize but lack creativity? Is your budget holding you back from having your home look more “put together”? How would you like to be bitten by the organizing bug?

Look at the items you already have on hand in a new light and stay on budget in the WeE-book™ . . .Inexpensive Organization By Dena Wood and Eleanor Joyce

If you are dissatisfied with the lack of organization in your home but think you need a windfall to make it all come together, this is for you! Dena and Eleanor will help you look around your home, yard, and garage and see that you probably already have what you need to get your home in order in a lovely and creative way, and all you need is a little paint or a few minor supplies.

Take a peek inside at what is included:

  • A new use for an old dresser
  • More ideas for baskets
  • A multitude of storage ideas
  • Making space in your kitchen
  • And so much more . . .

Get bitten by the organizing bug today.