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April Gurrola

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Hi there, I am a homeschool mom of 4 kids. As a family we began this homeschool journey 6 years ago when my daughter was struggling in school and the public school system was not willing to push her the way we knew she needed. So she kept falling further behind till we finally said enough, there has to be a better way. We prayed about it and God placed the idea of homeschooling on our hearts through a friend. Then another key factor that really pushed us to take the homeschool leap was that due to the varying grades we had 3 kids in 3 different schools. We felt so stressed trying to get to all the drop offs, pick ups, events and programs at 3 different schools. I can’t even begin to describe the peace of that first full week of NOT having to be anywhere! It was amazing!

This whole journey of homeschooling has not been all sunshine and rainbows. It was tough at the beginning, and we still have rough days, but that’s just life. We are not perfect and our kids are not perfect, but being together is so much better than the stressed out insanity we were living.

I’m here to let you know you are not alone and if you want a better way of living for your family your own way I will do my best to help you find what will work best for you.

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