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The Kentucky State Fair is on this August 19th-29th, which offers all sorts of educational activities for families. This year some of the activities will include: Time Travel with the Lewis & Clark expedition from Frazier History Museum, Mingle with kangaroos, wallabies, and reptiles in the Aussie Kingdom, Test your skills in the hands on Ford simulated assembly line, and MORE! Event Information: (502) 367-5000 Tickets: (502) 367-5144


Welcome to The Old Schoolhouse Ambassador page, I am so glad you are interested in homeschooling your children. When my husband and I began our homeschooling journey 13 years ago, we were overwhelmed and did not know where to start. We prayed for wisdom, and God opened the doors for us to connect with others who calmed our fears about homeschooling. Thankfully we found the Old Schoolhouse Magazine and gained a wealth of knowledge and found support from other homeschoolers through The Barren River Homeschool Association. Connecting with other families who homeschool their children provides a community where information, resources, and activities bring us together. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine provides families access to such resources while helping them gain confidence in their roles as educators and students, but above all else as God’s children.


Somewhere along the way, God called me to help other families and show them His love. Today I hold a BA in Psychology: Christian Counseling, and I completed my degree while homeschooling our three children. No matter your schedule or background, if you are dedicated to educating your children in the love of your home and under God’s gracious hands, you will do great! I want you to know that you are capable of being the educator of your child/children, and you are not alone because we are here for you.

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