Melanie Huddleston

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As a former high school teacher (with a Masters in Education), wife of a minister, and mom of one (praying for more) I never expected to plunge into homeschooling. I was an educator in a public school for over 8 years. Once my son was born, after one year of teaching again God made a way for me to work from home!!

I never set out to homeschool. As the time for him to go to school approached God began to deal with me about homeschooling him. When he was 4 I was reading an email that had comments threaded in it and someone mentioned Classical Conversations. The more I looked into it the more I liked the program.

I discovered there were groups in my area and I set out to visit intending to allow him the opportunity to get ready for school and learn about the bible. Then COVID hit.

God continued to deal with me. Every time someone asked if he was ready to go to school, God would speak to me, he’s not going to school.


So first, I prayed my husband would want me to homeschool. Eventually, he began to mention that he was wondering if we should homeschool our son. He was not fully sure it was the right thing so I then asked the Lord to do something that I did not think would happen. I said, “Lord if you really want me to homeschool him, let my grandmother tell me to do it.”

Well, a few months before school was to begin she called me and said, “Melanie, you need to homeschool him.” I was FLOORED!!! She was an educator for 50 years, and an advocate of kids being socialized, etc. At this point, I knew I could not deny this was my calling.

I spoke to my husband and he also knew if she was suggesting it, we needed to do it. I then asked and researched more about CC (Classical Conversations) and loved the idea of being held accountable to a group and having one day per week in a school-type setting.

It has been a journey of LOVE!

I’ve now become Passionate about Jesus, Family, and HOMESCHOOLING! I look forward to continuing to work from home, homeschool, and help others on their journey of homeschooling as well.

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