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Hello! My name is Yvonne, I live in Western Maine with my husband Matt and our two children, Anna and Eli. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. I was working in public education before we started our family and we both were educated through the public school system. Before we started our family we decided we would choose to homeschool.

Even though I was successful in my career and I loved my job, I never thought twice when leaving the public teaching field. We have been homeschooling since the summer of 2015 and it has been the best choice for our family.

Education has always been a passion of mine, my degree is in Early Childhood Special Education. Watching children and their families succeed in this milestone was so rewarding.

Now as a homeschool mom, going on five years now, I enjoy connecting with other families about the option of homeschooling. I love to help them find ways to feel successful and find joy in their homeschool journey. I am so passionate about homeschooling that I turned our intended homestead blog into a homeschool blog.

I love chatting with others about all things homeschool related: scheduling, curriculum, learning/teaching styles, and balancing homeschool and family life.

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