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Hey! I’m a mom of 5 incredibly adorable kids who keep me hopping all day long. I’ve totally given up on eating a hot meal, showering without kids banging on the door and have yet to finish a sentence without interruption.

I’m a reluctant homeschool convert but we now homeschool year-round using Classical Conversations and somehow manage to keep up with the laundry, dishes and everything else most of the time.

A passionate advocate for foster care, we have been foster parents for the past 10 years and adopted our son Samuel, as well as siblings Isaiah and Penelope from the foster care system.

When I’m not locked in the bathroom eating chocolate, you can find me blogging about homeschool, Disney World and foster care. I co-host the Snarky Homeschool Moms podcast with my awesome friend Marci where we share homeschool and parenting stories, because after all, friends are cheaper than therapy.

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