Kristy Nazzal

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My name is Kristy Nazzal. I began homeschooling in 2006. I graduated my oldest in 2012 and currently (2021) am homeschooling my 9th grader who is 14. I have homeschooled him since he was 1! I started this group in 2018 in hopes of socializing and networking with other homeschooling families as well as a resource for new homeschooling families to answer questions on how to homeschool, what curricula, laws, etc. We have had several field trips over the years and play dates.

Our members create and set up all play dates and field trips. We are currently looking for a new activity coordinator to help set up and create more field trips and activities. I am also a Schoolhouse Ambassador for Thh Old Schoolhouse® and in High Point, NC.

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