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My name is Dawn Laird, and I’ve been a daughter of the King since I was 5, wife to Aaron since 2004, and mom of five beautiful girls whom we homeschool. We started homeschooling when our oldest two (Brielle and Cailynn) were in K and 1st grade, after two years of public school. I was one of those parents who said, “Homeschooling is GREAT, but really that is not for me!” However, I’ve learned in my journey as both an adult and a parent, that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Our daughters’ names are in alphabetical order. We thought “D” meant “Done” for example, but we have an Eden. 🙂 Anyways, God in His wisdom that is so much greater than ours said, “I can see the bigger picture and KNOW that you are needing to be prepared for things you cannot see.” We started homeschooling way before COVID happened and the world shut down. The insecurity of the unknown was definitely something this planning mamma would have really struggled with, but our life just got bigger at home as the world went into chaos. Our family ties grew stronger as the world became more confused, and our struggles with ADHD and learning issues smoothed out as our homeschool community became the norm.

All in all, while we have had our struggles as all families do, homeschooling has been a positive experience for us. And discovering SchoolhouseTeachers.com, where we get about 90 percent of our curriculum, is why we want to be part of the Ambassador Program. I want to be part of the organization that has helped my family thrive in this world of learning.

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