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My name is Melissa Capps. I am a God loving wife, stay at home and homeschooling mama. I have 4 children 16, 14, 11 and 5 years old. I have been homeschooling since I pulled my oldest of out public school the middle of his 1st grade year. I absolutely never wanted to homeschool, but God had other plans. I was that mom who thought you send your kids to school and they teach them. I never questioned the process. However, I will never forget sitting in a teachers conference that October, with my grandma a retired teacher herself, in tow. We sat there listening to the teacher talk to me about my child but she couldn’t answer simple questions about him. By the looks of his writing hanging the wall next to his classmates he was behind and I had no clue. I went home to talk to my husband about this idea my grandma had given me about homeschooling.

As I’m talking to him, I just kept thinking how am I going to teach a child when I myself didn’t do well in school? We made the agreement I would pull him out after Christmas break and see how the rest of the school year goes. Needless to say he never went back!
One of his younger brothers did go to Pre-k for 3 years with services however I was so grateful for all of their help. He definitely needed more help to get started on his learning journey.
We live in a very rural town in Ohio. Our church, Family Life Church, is our second family. My children have been able to learn so much through their leadership program, Kuest.
I love helping other homeschooling mamas new or the vets! Homeschooling is a lifestyle I never knew I always wanted. To be able to teach my children daily about Christ while teaching Math etc. It’s simply amazing!

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