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My lifelong passion as a lifecoach and community development worker include empowering individuals and strengthening families in the Philippine countrysides. I have helped initiate reading programs for non-readers in partnership with a few public schools, as well as conduct various parenting, leadership, and skills seminars. Because we now reside in the USA, it has been a while since I had the chance to do these and have been praying for opportunities.

Although our homeschooling journey is quite new, my desire to give the best experience for my kids led me to extensive and intensive research and self-education. I am grateful for the many people who has helped guide me along the way. The 2020 pandemic has challenged us in a way that my husband and I can not be with our kids physically as they are in the Philippines.

The Lord is good to us, however, that we are able to homeschool our kids online. Our homeschooling this year is not of the conventional way, but has opened more opportunities for us to explore unique avenues, filter materials, seek more advise, and learn so much.

Being a Homeschool Ambassador allows me to do two of my passions at the same time – to teach my kids and help communities. It is my pleasure to assist families and partner with The Old Schoolhouse in bringing to them valuable resources.

Filipina Llena is open to working with anyone living in the Philippines who is interested in learning more about homeschooling.