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I was introduced to homeschooling in the late 1980s, as a teenager, and I longed to leave the stressful atmosphere of my local high school and study at home. At that time, though, my parents were not on board, so I finished high school and went on to college with the firm belief that should I ever have children, I would homeschool them. I graduated with an education degree, went abroad to teach, and met my future husband. When we started dating, one of my first conversations with him was that I was going to homeschool my children, if he wasn’t on board, then I didn’t see how this relationship could progress.

Now, almost 26 years later, having graduated three children (homeschooled all the way through), and still homeschooling two, I have learned so much during our homeschool journey, and I still learn something new everyday. I desire to support, help, and encourage others on their homeschool journey, whether that be one year or 20. No question is a dumb one; no situation is too hard to overcome. With God’s help and guidance, you can move mountains (or mole hills) and start your homeschool journey. If you would like support or encouragement, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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