Jennifer King

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I Am … ….a homeschool mama of four wonderful, very busy children. My oldest is 15, my youngest is 5 – four in all. Every one of them so very unique in design. It’s busy in our home – its loud – kind of messy – and very crazy. …a daughter of Christ! I am a born again believer, baptized in the precious name of Jesus Christ, filled with His Holy Spirit. I believe in power of His name . Let us pray and journey…together with Him. ….a wife – learning so very much – growing – with my wonderful husband. Learning the joys of submission, and being the help meet I was designed to be. Striving to live a life as a meek and gentle spirit.

It is all for His glory – I write as I feel inspired. Forgive me if I do not blog each day, or sometimes do not blog for weeks. As my children and I learn and live together, as we grow and come closer to our Lord, and to one another – These are times too precious to step away from. And then there are those days He gives me a word, something I see or hear inspires me. Be blessed and be sure to say hello! Peace Be with You all – In Jesus Name!