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GHEA supports and promotes home-based, parent-directed, privately funded, Christ-centered education in Georgia and encourages parents as they observe the Biblical commands to train their children. 

What they do: 

  • Inform homeschooling families of legislative and policy issues affecting the family and home education.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Georgia homeschool community with the governor’s office, the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Student Finance Commission, and other state agencies.  
  • Offer individualized counseling as needed via telephone or email. 
  • Aid in the creation and growth of home education support groups throughout Georgia.
  • Assist home educators in locating support groups in their area. 
  • Direct families coming into or leaving Georgia in terms of support groups and awareness of the laws governing home education. 
  • Provide families new to home education with information on home education and basic resources. 
  • Educate the public on the laws and merits of parent-directed home education. 
  • Monitor state and national legislation related to home education and provide information related to the legal climate both statewide and nationally. 
  • Protect the freedoms of home educators in Georgia and in our nation. 
  • Maintain a relevant, resource-rich website.
  • Support and encourage participation in local homeschool groups. 
  • Provide GHEA speakers to groups and events interested in home education. 
  • Conduct periodic statewide home education workshops and other educational opportunities. 
  • Communicate in a wide variety of ways with the Georgia homeschool community, such as social media and email. 
  • Coordinate an annual Homeschool Day at the Capitol.
  • Offer a graduation ceremony for GHEA members.
  • Provide a growing organization that is capable of meeting the needs of the Georgia homeschool community today and in the future.

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