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Homeschool Louisiana is organized exclusively for protecting the God-given, constitutional rights of parents to guide and direct the educations of their children. Homeschool Louisiana serves homeschoolers by:

  • Monitoring and educating the legislature and other appropriate agencies to uphold the constitutional rights of parents to homeschool in Louisiana;
  • Providing current information regarding the political and legal climate of home education in Louisiana;
  • Supporting legislation that furthers equal access to home education and opposing legislation that threatens or limits home education;
  • Collaborating with legislators, organizations, and legal establishments that are friendly to homeschooling;
  • Communicating the advantages of Christian home education through electronic media, print media, and community involvement creating and/or funding accurate home education research and materials;
  • Providing support by aiding in the creation and growth of Christian home education support groups throughout Louisiana.
  • Advising, mentoring, and leading parents who desire to home educate and train their children from a Biblical worldview planning and facilitating educational opportunities, resources, and events that will provide information and training to assist home educators in the development of Christ-like character to satisfy the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of their children.

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