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The Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run entirely on volunteer service that exists to connect, encourage, equip, and protect Pennsylvania’s diverse homeschool community. CHAP supports parent-led, parent-funded education, free from government oversight. Founded in 1986, CHAP has been instrumental in forming and protecting PA’s unique homeschool freedom.  

CHAP works to protect homeschool freedom by monitoring legislation and building relationships with legislators. Since PA has one of the nation’s strictest homeschool laws, CHAP provides law resources, explanations, and step by step procedures for homeschooling in PA. 

CHAP supports homeschool families with unique resources on their website, through social media, a weekly newsletter and podcast, and at hosted events throughout the year. CHAP hosts an annual in-person convention with speakers, workshops, and an exhibit hall. Details about CHAP events and resources can be found online at 

The CHAP Foundation is a sister organization to CHAP that works hand-in-hand to support homeschoolers in PA. Every year, the CHAP Foundation offers scholarships to two seniors who are graduating from traditional homeschool via the Leigh A. Genasevich Scholarship. For homeschoolers encountering times of financial need, the CHAP Foundation also offers an opportunity to receive a grant. 

CHAP believes that parents are uniquely equipped to provide their children with the best possible education. Parents know their children better than any teacher, are more committed to their success than any government agency, and love them like no one else can. Parents provide their children with the best possible learning environment, involve them in an endless variety of opportunities for community involvement, and safeguard their wellbeing. Finally, parents know best how to nurture their children’s souls and minds. 

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